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We started as a small group of individuals trying to make Bachata better, get more steps than just the basic, we loved the new bachata trends coming from Europe, Sensual Bachata, Passion Bachata, Smooth Bachata, and more. Bringing for the first time many Dancers, DJ's, and Instructors. 

With time we identified as one of the Top/leading schools in New York City, which Proudly was lead by Latinos for latinos and all latino friends, other cultures, which enriched our art more and got us further.

We incorporated other dancers such as Salsa, Merengue, Kizomba and Zouk and we take pride to say that THE BEST BACHATA DANCERS of New York have been formed at our studios.  

We started in 2015 and we can say we learned a lot and grew a lot ever since!!! Now our goal is to create a new latino culture for professionals in New York that would like to learn our dances and participate in our Social Dance parties with a healthy mentality of Dancing for the Joy and Passion and with a positive attitude of meeting new friends and family in the Dance Floor.



To promote Dancing itself and help people to enjoy a better quality Life. Understanding that in Dancing you can find comfort, Peace and Joy, at the same time benefit physically, mentally and emotionally while training into a new discipline which is Bachata Dance. We also offer Salsa, Kizomba, Merengue and Zouk classes. 


We find true Joy in looking at our Dancers, getting better and better and growing and meeting new friends through dance.  Improving their lives mentally and physically. We envision a whole new Positive and Healthy Community that will interact with other Dance Communities or any Communities in General.

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